Catchin for Kids

8th Annual (2011) Catchin' for Kids 

Rockfish Tournament

The 2011 Catchin' for Kids Rockfish Tournament:
In spite of the poor fishing weather, the (2011) Eighth Annual Catchin for Kids Rockfish Tournament was again a success in the most important way—we contributed over 3,400 toys to the underprivileged children of Hampton Roads. From Captain Rick Williams and all the Catchin for Kids volunteers, thank you for your very generous support this year.






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The 2011 Catchin’ for Kids Rockfish tournament,
our eighth annual tournament,
was held on December 9th-11th. For the first time, the tournament was based at Vinings Landing Marina.
Once again it
was hosted by the Portsmouth Anglers Club and Catchin’ with Captain Reese.

As always, 100% of entry fees were returned to the anglers as prize funds. In addition, there were Calcuttas for the biggest fish the first day and the second day, as well as the overall Calcuttas for the biggest two-fish combination landed by any single boat.
Toys collected at the tournament, as well as other funds raised there, are used to benefit underprivileged children in the Hampton Roads area. 
The 2011 Tournament again raised over $30,000 in toys and cash.

This year, Catchin' for Kids presented the second annual
Dr. Harvey Rawls
Youth Angler Sportsmanship Award.
This award was originated in 2010 with a grant from the National Christian Foundation, in the person of Dr. Brian McAvoy, who years ago was a fishing protege of Dr. Rawls. Dr. Rawls was well known in the local angling community as a fishing captain who valued the sport more than the catch, who valued the friendships more than the competition, and who valued above all else the time spent with his friends doing what he loved. The award is presented to the Youth Angler in the Catchin' for Kids tournament who, in the opinion of the Tournament Committee, best exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship personified in the life and the many friendships of Dr. Rawls throughout his years in the angling community in Hampton Roads.

This year's winner is Robert Jones. If that name sounds familiar, it should--Robert was the winner of last year's inaugural award, too.

This year, as you probably remember, the weather was unfriendly.  For some of our regular anglers, there was simply no practical way to venture out into unsheltered waters to fish. Robert’s parents were in that category.  They just couldn’t see their way clear to go out in their small boat. But Robert wanted to be here at the tournament, so they brought him here to volunteer to help with the tournament—to cut vegetables, set out food and drink—whatever needed to be done.

Well, Captain Reese figured Robert deserved a chance to fish, so he got Robert a ride and he fished the tournament after all. Not only that, but he was the Youth Angler Tournament winner, with a Rockfish of over 14 pounds. So for us it was a pleasure to present our second annual Dr. Harvey Rawls Youth Angler Sportsmanship Award once again to Robert Jones.  Young Robert truly empodies the love of the sport that was so special to Dr. Rawls.

Although the weather was rough, the bite was pretty good, especially on Sunday. The winning fish, brought in by Captain Max King, was over 47 pounds, and even better, the competition was close, with even the fourth place fish over 40 pounds. Cathy Hodson won the Female Angler award, and Robert Jones won the Youth Angler award.

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